Todd Lynn, London-based fashion designer and Ryerson Fashion Design alumnus, is the curator for Mass Exodus 2016. Known for his Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetic, Lynn has collaborated with music’s most iconic stars. His past clients include U2, The Rolling Stones, Courtney Love, Jared Leto, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Lynn is Mass Exodus’ first international curator, and the team is excited to work with him, as he selects the final collections to be showcased at the curated show on April 10th.

Mass Exodus is the Ryerson School of Fashion’s end-of-year event. It is planned and executed by third year fashion communication and creative industries students, with the purpose of showcasing the final capstone projects of fourth year Design and Communication students before graduation. Founded in 1988 by Professor and faculty advisor, Peter Duck, Mass Exodus’ framework emerged from smaller-scale fashion shows and exhibits at the School. Over time, Mass Exodus has gained more and more exposure, and is catching the attention of influential players in the Canadian fashion industry. As a result of the students’ talents, the event’s unique promotional approach, as well as the nature of Ryerson’s fashion program, Mass Exodus has grown to what it is today: a high caliber student-run fashion event.

Photo by Jack Landau
Photo by Jack Landau

Runway Show

Mass Exodus is comprised of two components: the runway shows and the exhibit. The runway show presents the collections created by fourth year design students. This year, there will be three day shows, with approximately 22 collections presented at each show. Following the three day shows, our curator will select a smaller group of students, who will then show their collection to industry professionals and influencers at the evening show, also known as the curated show.

Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li


Fourth year fashion communication students present their final project at the Mass Exodus exhibition. The students approach their capstones – their creative theses that culminate everything they have learned and experienced during their time at Ryerson – in unique and innovative ways. They may create and display their work using diverse mediums such as art direction, photography, video production, illustration, advertising, graphic design, branding and marketing. Often projects incorporate many different methods.

The exhibit will be open to the general public on Saturday April 9, 2016 from from 9am to 9pm and Sunday April 10, from 9am to 5pm.


Professor Peter Duck creates the foundation of what is now known as Mass Exodus.


After hosting the event in different venues across the city, Mass Exodus moves to the Ryerson theatre, making its mark on campus ground.


Mass Exodus introduces the curated runway show, an invitation-only event showcasing the best collections, as chosen by a notable member of the media and/or fashion community.


Mass Exodus strives to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness by establishing its social media presence.


The newly acquired Mattamy Athletic Centre gives Mass Exodus a huge new home, as it hosts the runway show and exhibit for the next three years.


A new chapter has started for the 28th production of Mass Exodus, as it moves back on campus, and will be taking place at the internationally recognized Student Learning Centre (SLC)


Mass Exodus 2016 will take place at Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre (SLC). Located on 341 Yonge Street, the eight story building officially opened in February 2015. Together, the Ryerson Library and the SLC make up the Library of the 21st Century. The SLC’s features include spaces for individual and group work; a bridge to the Ryerson library; the Digital Media Experience, and Launch Zone; Student Learning Support; graduate student study areas, and much more. These spaces are located on themed floors, and contribute to the SLC’s desire to combine collaborative learning spaces with the digital revolution, in order to improve student learning and engagement.

This year’s Mass Exodus runway show will be held on the sixth floor of the SLC, also known as the Beach, and the exhibit will take place in the Launch Zone on the third floor. The SLC is an unconventional venue that will provide audiences with an intimate, distinct fashion experience. The production team plans to both enhance and preserve the Beach’s characteristic elements, textures and aesthetic.

Approximately 1,200 individuals will experience Mass Exodus 2016 at the SLC on April 10, 2016. This new location is an exciting opportunity for both the SLC and Mass Exodus, as the building prepares to host this prestigious event. Mass Exodus is always looking for ways to grow, evolve, and and utilize spaces in Toronto that reflect its guiding principles of diversity, heritage and innovation. The SLC is characterized by all of these principles and is therefore the most fitting location for Mass Exodus 2016.

Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li
Photo by Clifton Li

Day Show A

April 10, 2016 @ 10:30AM

Showcasing the following design students' collections: Alec Hildebrand, Alexandra Armata, Amanda McGroarty, Angela Leung, Ariane Gagnon, Ashley Schwartz, Curtis Oland, Ella Park, Julia Anghelescu, Kate V Robinson, Kelsey Titmarsh, Malika Jaii, Manuela Bartolomeo, Meghan Ancheta, Michael Zoffranieri, Michelle Nuamah, Mitchell Heyens, Molly McAlea, Nina Boschman, Stephanie Tjahjadi and Woo Ram Kim

*The list above does not reflect the runway line-up

Day Show B

April 10, 2016 @ 12:30PM

Showcasing the following design students' collections: Aaron Chan, Alys Mak-Pilsworth, Andrea Lee, Bianca Bellantoni, Bonnie Yang, Clement Chan, Haneen Abu-Hijleh, Jenna Etcheverry, Kelvin Lau, Kristian Nielsen, Laetitia Yuanxin Wang, Melissa Williams, Nadia Franchuk, Nancy Mac, Natasha Mawji, Olga Okhrimenko, Samantha Skeen, Stephanie Yiu, Van Yanez, Willis Chan and Yen Ho

*The list above does not reflect the runway line-up

Day Show C

April 10, 2016 @ 2:30PM

Showcasing the following design students' collections: Alannah Head, Amanda Mahamba, Cristina Serban, Dimitar Dangov, Elizabeth Swales, Emily Phaphonsomkham, Holly Seymour, Hui Lian Jiang, Jovalene Fox, Justine Latour, Kyrsten Abigail Bayot, Lesley Kuk, Madelene Legault, Madeline Riley, Marie-Elyse McGuire, Mélissa Dass, Mickelli Orbe, Sajel Khatri, Sarah Dunlop, Shannon Rudy, Shima Shafieian and Wanze Song

*The list above does not reflect the runway line-up

Curated Show

April 10, 2016 @ 6:00PM

*By invitation only

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