Mass Exodus Logo on concrete

About the Show

In its simplicity and durability, SLATE serves as a pristine canvas, presented as a base, and a starting point devoid of excess. We intend to use this base as an invitation for the students to inscribe their narratives upon it. This event aims to offer a refined platform where the essential qualities of slate inspire creativity and personal interpretation. In providing this canvas, we are careful not to impose a vision too complex, ensuring that the essence of SLATE—its raw, fundamental nature—keeps the student’s work as the star of the show above all else. Students are encouraged to project their stories and perspectives, utilizing the next-to-blank slate to support and display their concepts. The show’s design will be stripped to its core and polished to excellence, leaving room for the diversity of ideas that designers will bring to the surface.

What is Mass Exodus?

Mass Exodus is the School of Fashion’s annual end-of-year production that celebrates and showcases the achievements and creativity of final-year Fashion students at Toronto Metropolitan University. With a new and updated curriculum, our fashion students will be exploring different concentrations across Design, Communication, Design Leadership, Fashion Studies, and Material and Textile Practices. The event is made up of both an Exhibition and Runway Show where students’ capstone projects are displayed and presented to audience members and attendees. Mass Exodus aims to merge the student ideas and the greater fashion community in Toronto together as a way to carve out paths for their future careers. 

Mass Exodus is brought to life by the hardworking team of students in the Live Events Supercourse. This class is one of the three experimental Supercourses offered by The Creative School that bridges students across a variety of creative programs to learn and work together to produce, manage, and promote the multi-stakeholder fashion and cultural event that is Mass Exodus.