Cherry Chu


Weddings stand as one of life’s most pivotal ceremonies, giving rise to diverse customs deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Chinese and Western cultures. These customs not only symbolize a nation’s heritage but also evolve through the dynamic interplay of global interactions and socio-economic development. Both Western and Eastern cultures possess distinct philosophies, traditions, and worldviews. Through the fusion of these cultural treasures, the fashion industry can breathe life into innovative and creative clothing. This is precisely the vision behind my theme, ‘Cherished Unions’. Chinese weddings are steeped in tradition, reverberating with the resonance of familial bonds and profound cultural symbolism. The ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas,’ an ancient Chinese text dating back to the Warring States period, is renowned for its mythical depictions of the natural world, notably the enigmatic nine-tailed fox—a seductive and legendary goblin. Drawing inspiration from this captivating narrative, my designs embody elegance and subtlety, echoing the transformative allure of the nine-tailed fox, and giving rise to bridal gowns that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. However, it’s important to acknowledge that in contemporary Western culture, white gowns often symbolize purity or virginity. Mainstream Christian values have long established a cultural connection between white and purity. By harmoniously intertwining this symbolism of purity with the allure of the Nine-Tailed Fox, we achieve a perfect synthesis of Western elegance and sophistication with the profound mystique of Chinese folklore.