Dayna Yang

Wynona Bodysuit

In a world where antiquated perceptions of womanhood and motherhood still linger, the Wynona bodysuit serves as a revolutionary tool for women to reclaim their sense of self and autonomy as a garment that can be incorporated into one’s wardrobe without the restrictions of an undergarment.

As both a creative and a mother, I am deeply motivated to empower modern women to embrace their bodies and identities without the constraints of outdated societal norms.Designed for modern women with modern sensibilities, this innovative garment transcends traditional expectations. It empowers women to move freely and confidently while they heal in their postpartum journey. Comfortable enough to sleep in but sleek enough to wear out, the Wynona body suit is seamlessly reimagined for day and night while still offering support, enabling women to navigate their expectations on their own terms. Its thoughtful design of comfort and flexibility is tailored to meet the diverse needs of women. Wynona adapts seamlessly to the fluctuations of a woman’s body and the multifaceted roles she constantly inhabits. With the Wynona bodysuit, the intention is to optimize a woman’s capabilities and catalyze a transformative shift towards a more inclusive and compassionate understanding of womanhood and motherhood.