Gemma Hsiao


Yesteryear’ is a crafted sculptural piece, conceived with the intention of encapsulating the essence of nostalgia and its emotional qualities. It is a 3D structure made from wood, acrylics, lights, and curated objects. Through this “time capsule” piece, I aim to embody and explore the concept of nostalgia – not merely as a longing for the past, but as a profound appreciation and curiosity for the richness of human experiences defined by the visual cues of familiar objects. As the viewer gazes into the sculptural piece, they will find themselves surrounded by a kaleidoscope of childhood toys and playthings, each one hopefully evoking a memory frozen in time. Through the use of infinity mirrors, ‘Yesteryear’ explores the relationship of memories to time: ever shifting and evolving in motion. They are potent recollections that live and exist within the limitless expanse of our minds yet they can also be vividly fragmented and refracted through the prism of our perception of time. ‘Yesteryear’ serves to invite participants to interact with the capsule through personal introspection. The sculpture is a celebration of the intricate interplay between memory, emotion, and the passage of time by utilizing childhood nostalgia as a personal conduit.