HuaShang Hanfu by Jade Lun

Hanfu: Garments and Beyond @ Siruplum

For my capstone collection, I will be designing womenwear for Fall 2025. The collection is based and inspired by the Chinese Hanfu, Six Arts of China and Five Colors of China, intangible cultural heritage and traditional techniques. This collection is to raise awareness for recognition of Chinese Hanfu, promote cultural significance and preserve Chinese intangible cultural heritage The theme for this collection is the Chinese Hanfu from 5 different Dynasties , 6 Arts of China and 5 Colors of China. Some techniques I will be using are cloisonne, embroidery, tian-tsui ( Kingfisher feather art), ronghua, calligraphy, chanhua, qipao hooks and many more.The Six Arts of China are rites, music, archery, chariot racing, calligraphy and mathematics. The Five Colors of China are white, black, blue, red and yellow. For each outfit, I will be combining the colors and one theme to make the designs. My collection will mainly focus on the hand techniques, concept and fabricatio. “Designing Hanfu from the beauty of arts, cultures, history and traditions, creating beautiful garments beyond the look, perseveres and appreciates China’s rich cultural history. ”