Jessica Laursoo

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Made from a storytelling perspective, my collection, Jessica And The Glitter Girls focuses on themes of femininity and female friendship with a lens on girl bands in the 90s and early 2000s. Inspired by The Spice Girls and the British Pop Scene, this five-look womenswear collection tells the story of the girls in my imagined band, The Glitter Girls. The girls are named Rosie, Babs, Aurora, Ally, and Sarah, and each in the band has their own specific look and personality, making every look a bit different to fit the personality of each band member. With a storytelling narrative, I am creating a world where this group exists, exploring it by creating a signature and iconic look for the band while also diving into how dress and fashion in popular culture can help build brand image. The collection is supported by research on how these all-girl bands represent a feminist lens in pop culture, femininity, and the feminization of music and culture through girl bands. The girl group’s name is The Glitter Girls, and with me the collection is called Jessica and The Glitter Girls. This collection is a celebration of fun and female friendship with elements of kitsch woven into it. Female friendship and different ideals of femininity are elements of pop culture and womanhood that resonate with me and the key storytelling of my collection.