Kenneth Song


Imbuere is a ready-to-wear capsule collection that attempts to distort the existing contexts that relate to clothing and its ability to convey deeper meanings, relying on satire and breaking conventions to generate new discourse. Interpreting garments not simply through functionality but as canvases, this experimental collection attempts to integrate both graphics and motifs in methods that are able to juxtapose themselves against pre-constructed rules such as design rules, shape, and uniformity. Relying on motifs that are deeply rooted in pop culture and their personal upbringing, Kenneth Song’s unique perspective spanning both garment design and graphic design lends itself towards the idea of garments being seen through abstract considerations. With this overarching intention, every piece in this capsule collection seeks to invoke a unique response from the viewer, encouraging deeper interpretation relying on nods to well-developed references and their respective appreciation. Highlighted by a thematically relevant utilization of cool colour tones and functional fabrics, each garment is designed to work in tandem with the graphic elements within each piece. As the respective graphic elements seen throughout the capsule are positioned to serve simultaneously as a statement and parody towards existing references that span comics, film, and consumer culture, these motifs serve as the entry point from which the viewer is able to consume the collection and then interpret its greater symbolism.