Minahil Hashmi

Tales of Sultans

“Tales of Sultans” is a collection that embarks you on a creative journey of visual storytelling through an amalgamation of fabric, colors, and digital printing. This spring/summer 2024 evening wear collection captures the essence of Badshahi Mosque, the historical Mughal architecture of Pakistan, fused with a touch of contemporary aesthetic, proving that fashion follows no boundaries. Each piece captures the beautifully crafted interior and exterior of the architecture and tells the story of the Mughals/sultans who lived inside this magnificent piece of art. These artistically elegant pieces are designed to empower modern women who deeply value art, culture, and history, and are not afraid to stand separately with their choices of garments that speak to their viewers. In a world where culture and history often seem to be neglected and appropriated, this collection aims to bring forward the importance of cultural heritage and glorious historical architecture with a blend of modern innovative designs. Hence, my design perspective originates from the belief that culture is the driving force behind fashion that is manipulated in several ways to fit people in different generations. My goal is to design clothes that are modern and chic, but at the same time cater to cultural traditions, communicating a unique historical tale.