Nuh Ali


My capstone collection centers around nostalgia, innovation, technology, retro-futurism, and skate culture. I want to incorporate technology such as 3D printing, and laser cutting, with experimental forms of fabric and pattern manipulation. Using a 2000s influenced color palette, my main point of inspiration comes from the video game Bomb Rush Cyber Funk, a sequel to the game Jet Set Radio from the early 2000s featuring Y2K stylized characters. The gameplay functions around skateboarding, rollerblading and biking paired with a nostalgic and iconic techno soundtrack, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has a clear connection with the motifs and aesthetic that I want to celebrate within this project. This collection builds off of my initial interest and entry into fashion and shoe making as I originally set out in high school to create better skateboarding shoes that would wear out slower than the commercially available brands in stores, after much experimentation my interest grew and moved toward clothing, but my want to envision and construct designs that have practicality and durability has still very much remained. The five looks portray the way I wanted to dress when I was younger, authentically and functionally, each look will have a different color palette. I primarily plan to use leather, Denim, canvas, and heavy weight cotton and wool. The clothing should be durable enough to skateboard in meaning it should be made for tumbling, and scraping, looking better as it ages and gains the wearer’s personality making it a timeless piece that pushes the wearer to reminisce whenever they dawn it again.