Samantha Gietl


My capstone idea aims to express the power of embodiment through jewelry. The expression will be communicated through a self-study, group study and public study. Using autoethnographic and ethnographic work, parallels and contrasts will be drawn to reveal semiotic symbols. The idea is to view jewelry as a transformative experience rather than an accessory. The goal is to maintain the portrayal of core themes through varying scales and analyze the different outcomes based on circumstances. The association of jewelry with individualism and identity prompts the consideration of self-identity and how each experience differs from one another. The creative approach begins with a self-study. My identity will be illustrated through internal and external articles (jewelry) that create a conversation of identity on a personal, intimate level. We then move on to the group study, where the same experiment is conducted, including a group of people with whom I have past relationships. This social construct enforces different outcomes when considering the interactions with one another and the adornment. The study then progresses to a public study, including a set of individuals on which no prior data has been collected. A more unfamiliar relationship is analyzed to demonstrate identity through dress in a completely foreign situation. Photography, interviews and dialogue will be used to gather data. Dialogue will prompt conversation about each individual’s feelings, thoughts and options throughout the experience.