Todun Akin

Home, Away & In-between

My artistic exploration is in investigative autoethnographic exploration of the interplay between culture and cognitive paradigms, seeking to discern the manifestations of this influence within the realms of creative expression, approach, and aesthetic transformations.Through nine carefully crafted paintings divided into three series, I delve into the profound influence of my native country Nigeria, Western culture, and the synthesis of both in my work. The first series is all about my home– the memories of growing up, the opportunities and my connection to Jesus that shape who I am. In the second series, I’m exploring how Western culture influences my work, playing with its artistic styles and ideas. Now, the third series is a combination between the previous two. I’m on a mission to figure out how to bring these influences together on the canvas. The challenge is finding the middle ground where both worlds meet and creating something new and unique. Each painting tells a part of this story, weaving together the threads of my background and the impact of the Western world, resulting in a visual journey that’s a mix of both influences.