Volearr by Vivian Pan

Admist Kiss

Once upon a time) A mystical phenomenon warps you into an alternate universe where time runs backwards and the world runs forwards. Nothing moves. Nothing stays still. The wind blows in you in all directions, leaving you confused… a peaceful type of confusion… “Amidst kiss” is a collection where it challenges the boundaries of fashion and art through a whimsical lens. Inspired by fairy fantasies and escapisms, each garment serves for the interplay of chaos versus tranquility whilst showcasing hints of romance. Through intricate design and meticulous craftsmanship, I seek to capture the essence of storytelling and the beauty of imagination. In the end, I want to offer my viewers more of an experience rather than an aesthetic between my take on the whimsical phenomenon. Almost like an art-gasm. Just like watching waves, I want this collection to be impactful, to take you on a delicate dance of serenity within a storm. ‘Amidst Kiss’ invites viewers into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Just like how people feel about the unknown, this collection is meant to explore the beauty behind the lines of undisclosed.enjoy.