Anmol Handa


My capstone project will focus on the Bridal couture dresses collection for women. The Collection will include wedding/evening/cocktail wear dresses that are beautifully draped and put together. I want to create a unique style of bridal collection that is famous in the European and Russian market, however is not available in canadian/American market. My brand’s primary target audience/customers are women who are anywhere from the age of 21 to 35 yrs old, living a luxury lifestyle and are possibly millionaires with a base income of 200k and more. My collection dresses can be purchased by the local customers however it might not be quite affordable for them. The approximate retail prices that I would put on my dress would be anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 and up. The key inspiration that would lead my project would be the European and Russian luxurious-goddy-like garments. I am truly inspired by the bridal brands in Europe and russia. I love how they play around with fabric manipulation and accessorising the dress in such a sophisticated way. My aim for this collection and my brand would be to provide the Canadian customer/market with something unique and new that they have only imagined or seen over social media. This research project is significant to the current conversation in design, art, culture and the marketplace in aspects of uniqueness and accessibility. I have worked with and researched about many bridal designers around GTA and so far I have not found any designer who is creating anything different than the traditional american white bridal dresses. Some designers sometimes would play around and throw some colours and different silhouettes in their new dresses however is never anything that is not already available in the market. Most of the time people travel outside canada/america to shop for their bridal dresses to places such as the european countries or russia. By focusing on these two factors I will create something that is unique and accessible for customers here in Canada to shop for their weddings. My Collection will cater to that gap in the Canadian market that has been avoided for long which has encouraged people to travel outside to shop for their wedding outfits. My design perspective / philosophy can be put in a sentence as “Don’t feel pressured to travel and go treasure hunting for your special day’s dress. Let us bring you the best and unique designs from all over the world , so you can save some time and focus on the other important details.” Or “Let us create that unique luxurious look that you’ve been fantasising about but can’t seem to get a hold off. Share us your fantasy and let us help you create it to reality.”