audsmiley by Audrey Chen

crossing and parting

“crossing and parting” is a contemporary, casual menswear collection that explores the cyclical nature of human connections, as our paths may cross and part countless times with countless people. The collection balances the duality of being deeply in relationship with others while also being distinctly separate. In showcasing this duality, the collection also emphasizes the transition between crossings and partings: the reconnections and slow drifts apart. Ultimately, “crossing and parting” is about learning to both embrace a deep intertwining and fully thrive as a lone individual. In doing so, we can wholeheartedly cherish people currently in our lives while being grateful for those we’ve parted ways with. The collection aims to encourage an openness to both spontaneous connections and farewells. This concept is communicated through the wearer’s interactions with the pieces. Various elements are able to detach and reattach, with some of the garments being fully transformable to serve different purposes. For instance, one of the pieces is a puffer jacket that can be completely taken apart into individual seat cushions. Parallel to the fluidity of the concept, the equally dynamic pieces reimagine how we store and interact with garments. Many of the garments are also designed to provide multi-seasonal functionality, through layering, ventilation, shortening, and lengthening options. Although the pieces enable varied functions, they are particularly designed to facilitate play. The intimate and interactive details invite wearers to build a personal relationship with the garment throughout each use.