Eishvinder Gill

Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now? is a high-end, eveningwear collection from the brand, Eishvinder Gill. The central theme of Can You See Me Now? explores the convergence of my three cultural identities as a Canadian-born Malaysian Punjabi woman. These identities all come together to create a unique representation of diversity and the South/Southeast Asian diaspora, which is an experience and emotion that the collection aims to bring to life. The inspiration of this S/S 25 collection is the mythology and folklore associated with forests. Inspired by the natural motifs and colours found in a forest, the inspiration comes from the symbolism that this place holds in nature and of a forest fairy, a mythological creature residing deep in the forest with an ethereal aura who represents exploration, curiosity, and wonder. Traditional fabrics from India and fabric printing techniques native to Malaysia such as batik, along with a contemporary take on traditional Punjabi embroidery, known as phulkari are all tied together in this collection. It is then brought to life in the outfits which are a familiar, yet revised blend of silhouettes of various Punjabi, Malaysian, and North American wear. My aim as a brand is to evoke a sense of self-confidence and expression of one’s identity through what they wear. As the designer behind the brand, I believe that it is important to practice what I preach, and so, the collection Can You See Me Now? came to be.