Lea by Elleanna Gasparevic


Lea – Love & War is a womenswear collection based on the concept of Love and Protection, channelling the essence of old storybook tales of romance, love, and war. Inspired by idyllic old romantic imagery of a princess and soldier, these concepts are explored in Elleanna Gasparevic’s collection through the use of adornment as wearable armor. The collection features adornment and armor pieces in conjunction with haute couture pieces utilizing opposing fabrics such as leather and lace to represent the juxtaposition of Love and Protection, one is soft and vulnerable and the other rigid and hard. This juxtaposition reflects Lea’s adornment pieces which will be created utilizing the novel techniques of chainmail making and beading. Elleanna’s collection fits into the current conversation in design because we are currently seeing a move away from simplicity, and a move to maximalism and adornment. Adornment and beading as wearable fashion garments rather than just jewellery is becoming more apparent in the industry. Lea takes this into consideration, looking toward the future of fashion and the value of personalization creating a collection which not only adorns the body but adds a protective feel playing with Strength and Vulnerability.