The Fool Era

Best Carnival

If animals were the masters of the world, that’s what I think after seeing the recent fashion revolution for fur and learning about the human obsession with animal fur. Historically, people have taxidermied the heads of birds, used feathers as decoration, the fur of wild animals, and other materials taken from animals, the human obsession with fur has led to the extinction of some animals at one point. Now people are turning their attention to ethical fashion, and the unethical acquisition of fur has led to a revolution in fashion, with people resisting animal fur. And I learned about a species, the orcs, in various literature, movies, anime and comics, a race of people who are modelled after animals but also have human minds and human-like bodies, but whose bestiality is still dominant. Immersed in this literature, I couldn’t help but wonder how our fashion would change if orcs were real and they became the dominant force in the world. Would the beasts breed humans like we do, would they make fur accessories and clothing like we do, and what role would humans play? I looked at Gothic and Victorian fashion, and I took the elements of the animals and put them into a dark and spooky style, with feathers and leather textures to show who they really are. Costumes and evening gowns lead us into a masquerade ball dominated by them, and gothic and furtive accessories lead the audience to a grand, absurd feast of beasts.