Feng Gu 风骨

Heroine 巾帼须眉

In my capstone project, I’m developing a gender-neutral fashion line centred on formal attire, including dresses and top-and-pants ensembles. This line caters to affluent adults who defy traditional gender norms and appreciate the fusion of Chinese tradition, mythology, matriarchal society, and contemporary gender equality expressions. Drawing inspiration from Chinese mythology and culture, my designs blend traditional elements with modern fashion. Through techniques like intricate beading, natural dye fabrics, and 3D-printed accessories, I aim to challenge fashion norms while promoting inclusion and celebrating matriarchal origins. This project contributes to vital discussions on gender, tradition, and equality, bridging market gaps with its unique artistic garments and sparking dialogues on the evolution of gender identity and societal norms. My design ethos revolves around transcending boundaries, challenging stereotypes, and honouring cultural heritage to foster a more inclusive and equitable world.