Ali Riaz Chaudhry

The Sublime Sky

For my collection ‘The Sublime Sky’, I draw inspiration the sublime emotions evoked by nature. The sky, particularly around sunset and sunrise, has always left me awestruck and filled with blissful feelings. However, everything changed after I lost my dad in December 2022. Suddenly, the sky took on a whole new meaning for me. Sometimes it serves as a gateway to connect with him and other times, as a barrier between us. In my capstone, I want to express this deep sense of loss, connection, and longing while also showcasing the happiness and hope that I once associated with the sky before my dad’s demise. Using the theory of sublime, I plan to create unique pieces that capture the transformative power of the sky. This collection will be a visual representation of the feelings a person goes through when/ while losing almost a part of himself that he will not be able to retrieve in a lifetime. I will play with colour, incorporate digital printing, and colour-changing fabrics that reflect the shifting hues of the sunset and my emotions. This collection is a deeply personal reflection and serves as a tribute to my dad. Beyond that, it will speak to people who have experienced loss, on a deep sentimental level. I want to showcase the limitless possibilities of couture traditions and create something truly unforgettable.