LostWhenFound by Kat


“Carousel” is a collection inspired by the concept of community through subculture. Delving into various alternative fashion styles, this collection investigates trends, history, politics, and identity through the relevance of subculture styles and their upbringing in various different parts of the world. This collection pays tribute to the styles, and motifs that have emerged as symbols of rebellion, identity, and creativity. Each look in “Carousel” features a personal aspect in terms of upbringing and introspection within the fashion communities I grew up with and the ways they have and continue to inspire my work. Taking inspiration from Harajuku, punk, and gothic styles, this collection aims to highlight the socio-political movements represented by alternative fashion along with capturing their unique aesthetic which continue to influence mainstream fashion and challenge societal norms. “Carousel” is a celebration of self-expression and individuality embracing personal styles, finding strength through community, and representing what you stand for.