Adriana Elcena

Caribbean Renaissance

The Caribbean Renaissance, is a captivating resort women’s wear collection, that draws its inspiration from the essence of the Harlem Renaissance. Defined as a rebirth, the term “Renaissance” aptly encapsulates the spirit of this movement that took root primarily in Harlem, New York. Here, a convergence of Black artists, writers, dancers, and musicians met to revive and reimagine the artistic expression of African Americans. Taking the essence and inspiration from this movement, I embarked on an exploration of what a modern iteration of the Harlem Renaissance might entail in this vibrant region. Central to this endeavour are themes of liberation, empowerment, and collaboration, echoing the sentiments evoked by the art of the Harlem Renaissance. Through my garments, I sought to magnify these emotions, infusing each piece with a narrative of resilience and creativity. Drawing from my Jamaican and St. Vincentian heritage, intertwined with elements from other Caribbean islands, I delved into the history of national garments, traditional crafting techniques, and the breathtaking natural landscapes. Embracing the iconic madras cloth as a muse, I meticulously hand-painted and dyed prints, imbuing the collection with a personal and artistic touch that truly makes it stand out from the rest.