Lucy YX

The alternation of reality and virtual

The topic for my capstone project was “The alternation of virtual and real”. My capstone project revolves around the exploration and integration of virtual clothing into the realm of traditional fashion design, with a keen focus on embracing futuristic methodologies and promoting sustainability within the industry. Leveraging advanced software tools like CLO3D, I am actively engaged in the creation and design of virtual garments, aiming to push the boundaries of innovation and redefine the concept of wearable art. Additionally, through the organization of a virtual fashion show, I seek to demonstrate the transformative potential of virtual fashion experiences, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry. Furthermore, as a means of providing a tangible contrast and deeper understanding, I am meticulously crafting a real-world outfit to juxtapose against the virtual creations, thus highlighting the nuanced differences and similarities between physical and digital fashion mediums. By this, my project advocates for a more inclusive and sustainable future in fashion, where creativity knows no bounds and environmental consciousness remains paramount. The virtual fashion show serves as a platform to showcase the transformative potential of digital experiences, while the juxtaposition of real-world attire underscores the nuanced relationship between physical and virtual mediums.