Hanna Shorthouse


Madre is an evolving sustainability project transcending the boundaries of traditional tourism. Planned to open on the majestic coast of the Sierra Nevada, Colombia, Madre envisions itself as a sanctuary for creatives–a home to cultivate, collect and collaborate. Through artist residency programs, dynamic workshops of different artistic mediums, and unique experiences designed to stimulate connection and creativity, Madre introduces a transformative destination. One that connects to the necessity of living more intimately within our values and embracing the abundance of our earth. Under the same name, Madre Magazine is a printed publication and literary companion to the business, delving into the foundational principles behind the brand. Madre explores cross-disciplinary narratives from artists, business owners, educators, thought leaders and more. Madre is a tangible medium for the pillars of Madre to live; discussing climate, consumerism, alternative lifestyles, permaculture, degrowth, and creativity. Illustrated with immersive photography of our natural environment, Madre Magazine serves as a catalyst for thought, encouraging readers to reflect and engage with the core tenets of the Madre project. For many of us, we may find ourselves navigating the transition from a traditional 4-year academic journey to the confines of a 9-5 work structure. Madre addresses a fundamental question: How can we challenge the pervasive culture of capitalism? How can we not only live but thrive alternatively? Madre Magazine explores the avenues through which we can cultivate genuine care for our natural ecosystem, nurturing the communities around us while kindling the creative spirit within.