Isabel Powers

I am Not Scared

I am Not Scared is a multimedia exhibition designed to create an environment in which visitors can confront, accept and move on from the fear associated with climate change. Through a hyper-localized lens focused specifically on the road I grew up on, I invite my audience to explore my own lived experience as a case study for nostalgia, grief and the fear of change. The work examines a series of photos I took during the 2023 Quebec forest fires along Boundary road, expanding the smoggy landscape into a sculptural reflection of the emotional experience of climate change. A life-sized diorama of a cozy rocking chair pulls the viewer into my space, encouraging confrontation while providing comfort. The two oversized canvases adorned with textile collaging mirror the experience of looking out a window. Using textile based explorations of an altered landscape, the work aims to facilitate open-hearted discussion and create space to be empathetic towards ourselves and others as we navigate change. With a healthy conceptualization of climate change, healthy changes can be made.