Jingyu Song

The Nature and The History

The name of my capstone is “The Nature and The History”, which mainly focuses on a series of body accessories produced by combining modern technology and creative design with Chinese traditional culture as inspiration. That capstone project also emphasizes the importance of combining sustainability and aesthetics in the fashion industry. In today’s era, some traditional intangible cultural heritage is gradually forgotten due to the explosion of information. What I want to emphasize is the importance of traditional culture to individuals and its recreation. Through recreation, I can reserve some interesting contents and combine them with modern fashion elements to get a series of new, creative designs. My inspiration mainly comes from Chinese Traditional Opera, one of the traditional Chinese culture. With a thousand-year history, these clothes and accessories inspire modern people both visually and spiritually. In addition, in order to contribute to the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry, I will combine sustainable materials with modern aesthetics in this project, so that the two are perfectly integrated. Sustainable development is an eternal theme in the fashion industry, and it is also what we, as students of the fashion industry, need to research and practice.