Jullian (Jewelz) Skidmore-Peck

Queer Resilience

Here is a triage of 3 non-binary identifying individuals, who I am honored to call my friends. Each person’s face was painted by me and showed elements of their personality and style. The characteristics of each makeup look were gathered through a study process, including a survey and in-person interview, where I sat with each individu-al and asked them a few questions that helped me begin my process of the 2D illustration to use as a reference for the makeup application process. Through this entire process, I was able to obtain significant knowledge of every-one’s personal style and how the fashion world has affected their identities. When we began to paint, I asked each person to play their own music as a tool to help me feel more connected to the person and their emotions.

Acrylic #1 Tara Khoo – Unwavering Soul

Acrylic #2 Zachary Vogel – Armoured  In Colour

Acrylic #3 Eyra Rees & Luca Huising-Torrese – Everlasting duo