Kamal Mirza

Béton Brut

Béton Brut is a sculptural exploration highlighting the intersection between architecture and the human form through the design style known as Brutalism. Béton Brut translates to “Raw concrete” in French, describing the architectural style known for its raw, unadorned, and often “ugly” concrete appearance. Despite its dull appearance and my lack of formal architectural training, Brutalism has intrigued me for years, sparking a desire to understand its enigmatic appeal. This project aims to deconstruct Brutalism to its core principles of minimalism, restraint, and authority. Focusing on shapes that envelop the body, I explored the relationship between large-scale forms and intricate details using scale as a major design language. Viewing Brutalism as a feeling rather than a style, I made connections beyond architecture such as sound design. For the presentation, I drew inspiration from tactical vests worn by police and SWAT officers. These vests symbolize power and instill fear, comparable to the feeling Brutalism has on the viewer. I hope this project’s unfamiliarity questions your perception of design and evokes a deep feeling that you can’t quite explain.