Mackenzie Jagger


FINCH the label is a curated vintage brand, driven by sustainability and storytelling. Inspired by vintage sleepwear, FINCH offers ready-to-wear pieces for both day and night. For my capstone project, I took my pre-existing brand and re-launched it to reflect my evolved personal style and commitment to reducing waste in the fashion industry. In re-branding FINCH, I explored value creation theory and its relationship with entrepreneurship as well as second-hand theory, to understand how I can reimagine and lengthen the lifespan of clothes that are already on the market. In the development of a new brand identity for FINCH, I thought about how I could give new life to a wide range of second-hand clothing. This meant not only collection curation, business cards and product packaging, but also custom care labels, hang tags, website design, and the coordination of an editorial photoshoot. FINCH offers limited item drops all ethically sourced and sustainably shipped. FINCH products are one of a kind and are available for purchase on