Maya D'Orazio


Maya’s research aims to understand how the closet and self-identity can be translated into a sustainable relationship between consumers and their clothing. A person’s ability to style their clothing effectively and efficiently has a significant impact on how their closets can be transformed towards being a more sustainable consumer. Some key frameworks in Maya’s research rely on the study of closet shopping (consumers that “shop” clothing in their closet), closets as mental clutter (closets take a lot of mind power and hold control over our lives), and relief through dress where creating reduced closets can positively affect our mental wellbeing. Translating this research into a final display, Maya created a seven-day wardrobe tracker following five participants to analyze their closets for seven days to gain insight into their shopping habits, whether they valued sustainability, and whether a reduced wardrobe would benefit their lifestyle. Custom to the participant’s wardrobe, As a result of her formal research and seven-day wardrobe study, Maya created a customized reduced wardrobe plan tailored to the participant’s lifestyle, along with a magazine print that demonstrates how you can use her reduced wardrobe styling tips and tricks at home to discover your style and how your wardrobe affects your daily life.