Freckled Mutt by Naya Yacoub

Wearable Adolescent Trauma

Nostalgia, Time, Memory, and Delusion are examined through the lens of textile graffiti. Disturbing experiences that are endured during times of adolescent vulnerability, tend to create voids within the mind that are filled with delusional memories. The mind creates places of nostalgia to aid in the fragile psyche’s survival. As a mixed race gender fluid individual, I examine these themes through my own perspective and my unique childhood experiences. Design inspiration is taken from playful childish tones, mixed with surrealism. The dark unearthed memories framed by nostalgia are imagined through the textile medium of wool felting, crochet, and beading. These works showcase salvaged wool garments that are hand-felted and manipulated to illustrate wearing the trauma of our childhood into adulthood. The featured pieces are a shrunken wool sweater, reworked wool trousers and handmade crocheted wool accessories. Sustainability is prioritized as all scraps from the making process are reused. The fibers within these pieces have a chaotic, irregular, and whimsical tone to illustrate the delusion surrounding our connection to memory, and time. These textile practices storytell acts of protest and are meant to evoke emotion. Nostalgia is reconstructed, and reimagined by exploring its connection to time, memory, and the delusions we unconsciously create.