meraki marongke


MRK’s graduation project unfolds as a collection symbolizing the intricate themes of rebirth and metamorphosis. The exploration delves into the profound spectrum of life and death by crafting the poignant life journey of a unique creature. Initially, my quest for inspiration led me to consider nature’s wonders, contemplating creatures like butterflies, snakes, birds, or frogs. However, upon deeper reflection, I chose a more daring path – the creation of a novel species. This enigmatic creature becomes the focal point, intertwining its growth narrative seamlessly with garment design. The garments tell the story of its inception, evolution, the inevitable pains of existence, moments of confusion, transformative metamorphosis, and ultimate rebirth, concluding with the poignant embrace of mortality. Each stage of this metamorphic journey is meticulously portrayed in the clothing, with every change contributing to the completeness and fulfillment of the overall narrative. This narrative mirrors the human experience – a journey encompassing learning, perplexity, pain, joy, despair, and, ultimately, the courageous confrontation of mortality with unwavering determination. In essence, the collection extends an invitation to the wearer, encouraging them to embark on a profound odyssey of evolution and self-discovery. It seeks to resonate not only as a showcase of artistic expression but as a poignant reflection of the universal human experience.