Safely Sorry

SideSeems is a menswear designer who aims to help push social boundaries outside of binaries. He takes inspiration from his personal emotional research and external sociological considerations. With the initial goal of developing social solutions through his designs, he eventually found himself lost in the intersectionality of western social themes and issues. He was instead curious about existence and communication in general. At least, however, his perspectives had been broadened and he realized he should learn to carry himself before solving anything for others. Meanwhile he also found the fear of the unknown. So much to worry about, so much intersects, and anything could cause any issue, the future is so delicate. Safely Sorry, is to represent the ironically privileged freedom of moments where all the frustrating confusion transforms into peace, embracing the unknown, and finding comfort in it. It’s to represent finding acceptance and appreciation for uncomfortable things while thinking that it’s a privilege to have the time and peace to do so. SideSeems took the capstone year to rediscover his slate and look at things from a new, easier perspective. He designs for elegance, comfort and confidence while disregarding traditional masculinity to allow the wearer to feel undefined. Nothing is quite as it seems nor the opposite, somewhere in between.