Pavni Chandani


Rumi by Pavni Chandani, is a collection that brings a unique fusion of modern fashion, culture and tradition. It is a tribute to the individuals who had to migrate and leave their homes during 1947 Indian Partition. Pavni Chandani, the creative force behind this project, skillfully blends heritage with contemporary aesthetics to craft a resort wear line that speaks to a modern audience while paying respect to the enduring spirit of the past. We are a slow fashion brand featuring custom beaded textiles, inspired by Sindhi traditional embroidery techniques. Each piece encourages you to enter a world where innovation meets culture and where sustainability coexists peacefully with slow fashion .By integrating traditional Sindhi embroidery techniques with modern aesthetics, we are not only creating wearable garments but also art that tells a story. RUMI’ is more than a capstone collection; it’s a narrative that transcends time, preserving and celebrating Sindhi culture.